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Please view my for a price list here.


The best way to gather design ideas and create mood boards is to set up a private board on Pinterest, (www.pinterest.com) and share the link with us. The more focus and thought the better! We use this inspiration to find a common theme and create your brand.


Payment is taken in advance of your project. For special requests I can invoice you. Otherwise payment is made directly through my shop listing either on Etsy. Please note Paypal is accepted.


All files are delivered by email. All sold products are digital files. After purchase you will not receive any physical products. A project is considered finished when final files are accepted.

All design files will be provided upon completion of your project, delivered via Dropbox. We ask that you download these files instantly, and save them to your computer. Note: files can only be downloaded from a PC, if you try to download them from an iPad or iPhone you may get an error message.


Unless other arrangements are agreed upon, a project is considered abandoned if a design has not been finalized, and I have not heard from the customer in 2 months. I reserve the rights to all abandoned designs. If a customer wishes to resume a project after abandoning a design, a new deadline will be given and my current rates will then apply.

If you need to pause your project and resume at a later date, please do let me know. Please be advised that if my prices change while a project is paused, all work will follow the new pricing when the project restarts. Work will also resume from where we left off, if a new brand board, logo designs etc are needed then you will need to purchase a new branding package.


If you feel that we are not creating the design and look that you want then please contact me as soon as possible to discuss. Unfortunately once you have received your first deliverable of 6 logo concepts, it is too late to receive a refund.

Please let me explain why, by that stage I have usually spent several hours on the colour palette, researching and sourcing graphics and fonts and putting together the draft designs. All the costs associated with the project have usually been spent creating the first deliverable (this is how I keep your costs down as I don’t charge per hour which would make most of my packages double what I am charging). My timeline and process document will explain this in more detail, please click here.

Please note though I am happy to discuss what the problem is and see if we can rework what we have done or supply you with a couple of extra designs that are more in line with what you had in mind if I have misunderstood the brief. Please note this is extremely rare but the two occasions I have had this experience I have been able to turn it around and the client has gone away a happy and satisfied customer.


International clients are welcome I have worked with clients all around the world including USA, AUSTRALIA, UK, ASIA and EUROPE.


My website packages are designed exclusively on WIX (hence the affordable pricing).  Please contact me for pricing. I provide pre made WIX templates/websites in my shop which can be customised to fit your brand. My custom web elements like banners and call to action buttons can be used on any platform.


I chose WIX as there is no coding required, it's budget friendly and anyone can easily update their website using their drag and drop method. This means I can be confident that all clients are able to maintain their site after completion. WIX has an easy walk-through on how to use their websites also.


Please note that I prefer all communication with my clients to be in written form, via email, that way I can be sure that I know what my clients want, and I can refer back to what is written if I am in doubt. Also due to the time difference with most of my clients it makes it almost impossible to speak on the phone.


Downloads are ready straight after purchase, the link is located in the order details which you need to click on. If there are any issues just contact me directly.


Please note once I have sent you your final files via a dropbox link, after several days the link becomes inactive (as I wipe dropbox clean), I also don't keep your issued files on my PC, only your original logo file. If you need me to re-issue your brand files or make any further amendments to a logo and then re-issue new files then I charge $15 AUD per file set.


Fifth Avenue Design Co. retains the right to reproduce, publish and display the deliverables in our portfolio and on our website, in galleries, design periodicals and other media or exhibits for the purposes of recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement, and to be credited with authorship of the deliverables in connection with such uses.


Fifth Avenue Design Co. grants to buyer a non-exclusive, perpetual and worldwide license to use and display the final deliverables. The rights granted to buyer are for use of the final deliverables in its original form only. Buyer may not change, create derivative works or extract portions of the final deliverables. Fifth Avenue Design Co. retains all rights to all preliminary works and shall remain the exclusive property of Fifth Avenue Design Co. (What this means basically is that your logo is unique to you, and a one off design which you own, but that I retain the right to use your logo in my promotional material).


Yes, I can create just about anything from a complete new blog kit with colours and font of your choice, to Facebook / Etsy banners, stationery and more. I also do designs from just a drawing / sketch, I can scan and clean them up and colour them for you or try to recreate your design with my own purchased design elements if applicable.

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